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Focus. Meditate. Relax.

With natural calming noise.

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Increase efficiency through heightened concentration

Reduce stress and anxiety through deep relaxation

Enhance your meditation and reading experience

Revolutionise the way you fall asleep and wake up

Alleviate your tinnitus symptoms

Ease your little one into a restful sleep

nature on screen

Dive Into a World of Natural Ambience

Experience the ultimate sound quality with our advanced, randomised audio generation technology, creating truly natural ambient sounds.

Effortlessly mix and match sounds

Advanced audio generation technology

Stream seamlessly with Chromecast integration

Explore the Collection of Carefully Chosen Sounds

Explore some curated sounds here or experiment with our complete sound library on the web app prototype.

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Brown Noise

White Noise



Soft Wind


Water Stream

Coffee Shop

Loved by people

Great little app, just what I needed. I love mixing sounds and it's easy to use. I like the different themes and think the sleep timer is a nice touch. The recorded sounds are all great quality and loop very smoothly and I love that you can change their frequency and volume individually. No more using YouTube white noise videos for me! One thing I would like would be the option to record or add your own sounds.

Polly F

Noice is the perfect background noise app. I use it for reading, sleeping, or just relaxing after a long day. No ads, infinite loops, and excellent sample quality. I couldn't have asked for anything more!

Will Burton-Edwards

Very nicely done app. I have tinnitus and this app helps me concentrate and sleep. In my opinion the UI is great and straight forward to use and the sounds are nice.

Miika Vuorio

Find the Right Plan for Yourself


Start for free with our Basic plan with the option to upgrade to Premium anytime.

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Rich Sound Library

Mix and match sounds to create unique soundscapes tailored to your needs for enhancing focus, relaxation, or sleep - with 31 free sounds.

Save & Reuse Your Favourite Mixes

Effortlessly revisit your favourite soundscapes by saving multiple custom mixes for easy access whenever you need them.

Standard Audio

Listen to your preferred sounds with ease, as our base quality audio starts at 128 kbps in MP3 format.

Google Cast support on Android

Seamlessly stream your favorite sounds to any Google Cast (Chromecast) supported device.

Alarm Clock on Android

Wake up with a boost of energy to ambient noise with our mindful alarms, featuring up to two active alarms for a worry-free morning.

Sleep Timer on Android

Ensure an ideal bedtime routine with the auto sleep timer that automatically turns off the app after a set duration.


Unlock the full potential of Noice with a premium plan. Try it free for up to 14 days!

Starts at ₹150 per month!

More Audio Clips

Add a new dimension to your listening with additional audio clips in 18 sounds to make them more unique and less monotonous.

Natural Variations

Bring your soundscapes to life with real and natural sound variations generated on demand with our cutting-edge sound technology.

HD Audio

Experience noise like never before, with the ability to listen to sounds at up to 320 kbps in MP3, rendering crystal-clear, high-fidelity audio.

Offline Playback on Android

Enjoy soothing sounds anytime, anywhere, with Noice's offline sound downloads - no internet connection is required.

Unlimited Alarms on Android

Elevate your morning routine with Noice Premium - schedule an unlimited number of alarms for a personalised and peaceful start to your day.

Premium Pricing


₹150 per month

Trial Period: 14 days

₹1,800 total


₹175 per month

Trial Period: 14 days

₹1,050 total


₹200 per month

Trial Period: 14 days

₹600 total


₹225 per month

Trial Period: 14 days

₹225 total

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