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Does the F-Droid build collect and share analytics data?

The F-Droid build (free APK variant) does not collect and share analytics data. Only the Play Store build (full APK variant) can collect and share analytics data. Moreover, Noice doesn't upload the analytics data without explicit consent from its users. Users can grant or revoke consent using the consent notice modal shown on running Noice Android app for the first time. Users can also use the Share usage and behaviour data option inside app settings.

Developers can further scrutinise this process by inspecting the following sections of the source code. The code permalinks are pinned to a specific commit. Please find their latest versions.

  1. Analytics Provider interface.
  2. Analytics Provider implementation used in the free APK variant.
  3. Analytics Provider implementation used in the full APK variant.
  4. Android Manifest for full APK variant that disables analytics data sharing by default. It also permanently disables the collection of Advertising IDs and Secure Settings Android IDs.
  5. Consent Notice users see on the first launch that only enables data sharing if you click "Accept".
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